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If You’ve Only Got a Moustache

The great Stephen Foster wrote many beautiful, poignant songs, as well as some lighthearted ones. Guess which kind this is. This song, as well as its composer, was featured at…

Hey, Good Lookin’

This country classic is as lively and cheery as they come. I promise you this will be extra fun for you to sing, and for your audiences to hear.


Yes, this is the Eagles’ big hit, and it can even be sung in contest. So “come to your senses” and give this heartfelt tale a try. Good news: This…

Do You Hear the People Sing?

This rousing song is from the musical “Les Miserables.” Your audiences’ hearts and guts will be surely be moved by your powerful performance. Although the song itself would fly in…

Longest Time, The

Billy Joel’s hit is doo-wop barbershop at its most enjoyable. The BHS publishes the men’s version, and the song works great for the ladies as well.

Little Boy, The

A most moving ballad, this was perhaps the signature song for the Interstate Rivals, the international champion quartet in 1987. The intense women’s version is The Little Girl.

Lazy River (Up a)

Fine for either contest or show, this cheerful song helped Marquis win gold at the 1995 International, in Miami Beach. Though a bit rangy, this piece pretty much sings itself.

Kazoo Koncerto

Big fun is ahead when your group whips out its kazoos. The energy builds and builds to a great finish. This unique number is sure to delight your audiences.

In My Room

The Beach Boys’ story of teenage angst is surprisingly sweet and moving, and works well for singers of all ages. The BHS publishes the TTBB version; for SSAA, go to…