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Let There Be Peace On Earth

A show closer with a great message, this song offers the best wish possible. The men’s version of this arrangement is published by the BHS, and it works great for…

Little Black Me

This powerful ballad, which has an anti-racist  message, takes some nerve to sing. And it has been sung in contest, to great effect.

Knight School Medley

Two brave lads are almost ready to slay dragons, rescue fair damsels, drink mass quantities of mead, and the like. Will they make the grade or . . . ?

In My Life

The lovely Beatles tune is great for any combination of voices. Express your deep love sweetly and gently with this rock classic.

Jamaican Noel

Every voice part gets a solo in this lively, happy Christmas tune. Well-known composer and arranger Kirby Shaw has penned a winner here!

I’m Beginning to Like It

This one is tough to explain. Think of a typical ’30s swing tune with modern lyrics like “hard-rock diet,” “in your face” and “MTV and AMC.” Way cool, and it…

I’ll String Along with You

Do you want an easy, happy way to profess your love? You won’t come to the end of your rope if you sing this easy-beat tune, which is no longer…

Good Enough for Now

Weird Al Yankovic penned and sang this highly, um, offbeat number. It probably sets a world’s record for backhanded compliments to one’s sweetie. Happily, this piece is contestable.

Five Minutes More

Love needs just a little more sometimes. You are sure to enjoy this gentle tune. It is no longer exclusive to Fermata Nowhere, so get it while it’s warm and…

Flowers on the Wall

This Statler Brothers’ song puts an ironic twist on loneliness. And it won’t bother your audiences at all . . .