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Do You Hear the People Sing?

This rousing song is from the musical “Les Miserables.” Your audiences’ hearts and guts will be surely be moved by your powerful performance. Although the song itself would fly in…

Sound Celebration

I wrote and arranged this energetic song honoring music and other sounds of life around us. The men’s version of this arrangement is published by the BHS. There is now…

Spreadin’ Rhythm Around

This fast piece definitely cooks, with a scat section for each voice part. There is nothing more fun than singing about music.

Side by Side

Some surprise harmonies flavor this arrangement of the classic barbershop song. Power Play won gold with this upbeat, lively tune.

Baby Song Medley

Here is a sweet, light combination of “Sing Me a Baby Song” and “Baby.” Have fun crooning to your sweetheart with this lovely medley.