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Yes, this is the Eagles’ big hit, and it can even be sung in contest. So “come to your senses” and give this heartfelt tale a try. Good news: This…

Young and Foolish

Great for contest, this ’50s ballad builds to a surprising level of power. The men’s version is published by the BHS, and the song is great for women as well.


Here is an easy-beat, contestable love song that is most gentle and enjoyable. This tune is now available in both men’s and women’s voicing.

Where Is Love?

There are not many lovelier, more touching Broadway ballads than this. A bonus is that this song is contestable. I often listen to Tim Waurick’s full mix of this arrangement…

When There’s Love at Home

A beautiful, heartfelt song, this is a pure joy to sing and listen to. Power Play debuted it, and it has since become a barbershop staple.

Thousand Thoughts of You, A

Nat “King” Cole sang this haunting song of lost love. Sad songs just do not get any prettier than this. Available in contest and show versions.

Tell My Father

From the musical Civil War, this song of a dying young soldier is most powerful, indeed. It makes a fine contest companion to the Civil War Medley of rousing uptunes. Both Power Play…

Sunshine of Your Smile, The

First a barbershop hit for the 1956 champ Confederates, this ballad is a real powerhouse. This arrangement is available as sung by 2003 champ Power Plan and in a longer…