If you would like to preview some songs before ordering—a maximum of three at a time, please—all arrangements are now available as email attachments of pdf and sound files. Simply email me as to which songs you are interested in. Just like living in the future, eh? And all previews are free!

If you would like help in matching my arrangements to your group, have a look at the questions on the custom arrangements page (listed under Services) and then contact me.

My arranger’s fee for existing single songs varies, as does the copyright per-copy fee. Arrangements can be ordered in one of three ways: from the BHS, on Sheet Music Plus or directly from me.  To find out which way to order, simply email me.

Part-predominant, computer-generated mp3 files, always a help, are available for all computerized songs. See the learning tracks page (also listed under Services) for information about full tracks, which have been recorded by some of the finest barbershop singers around. If you do not see tracks listed for a song you want, I can steer you to an appropriate track-maker.

Worldwide barbershoppers will find it easy to send funds via PayPal. All you need are my email address (tgbari1@gmail.com) and a credit card. Come to think of it, if your group is not from the US, please let me know that up front to avoid confusion with payment and copyright.

So do let me hear from you, whether you know what song(s) you would like to preview or you want some recommendations from me. In the words of the inspirational Joe Liles song, “Let There Be Music!”

Tom Gentry
1710 Malasia Road
Akron, OH 44305
Ph: 330 798-7575 (land line)
Email: tgbari1@gmail.com