Learning Tracks

More and more groups rely on recorded tracks for learning their new music. Part-predominant mp3 files have always been available for most of my arrangements for a nominal fee. These have the notes but no lyrics.

Click the links below to see lists of songs for which full learning tracks are available. They have been recorded by the talented barbershop men and women listed below—sometimes even for the opposite sex! And if you do not see a song you want listed, I can put you in touch with some of these fine track-makers.

To access the relevant track-maker(s), click on the song title itself.

Learning Tracks Makers

Jonathan Albertini |  jonoalbo7@gmail.com
Scott Anderson | www.OnQTracks.com
Chris Arnold | http://www.qsvp.com
Jo Black | jomamabass@gmail.com
Anne Bureau | http://www.queenannerecordings.com
Tim Brooks | tbrooks@tjbsales.com
Jen Cooke | http://www.tracksbyjen.com
Steve DeCrow | steve@dallasknights.com
Tony DeRosa | http://www.advocals.com
James Estes | http://jamestracks.com/
Monica Funnell | monica@simplysing.org.uk
Daniel Gillis | http://www.vocalharmonies.com
Chris Hebert | chebert1@gmail.com
Theo Hicks | http://www.learning-t-trax.com
Lynda Keever | http://lyndakeever.com/learning-tracks
Kohl Kitzmiller | kksounds.com
Kim Kraut | http://kimkraut.com
Gary Lewis | glpress@mac.com
Jordan Litz | http://www.jordanlitz.com
Donya Metzger | http://www.donyametzger.com
Sean Milligan | http://www.learning-tapes.com
Peter Nugent | http://nooj-productions.co.uk
Jacob Ritter | www.musiclearningtracks.com
Randy Rogers | http://www.tunesfor4.com
Simon Rylander | http://www.sunshinetracks.com
Katie Taylor | http://taylortrax.homestead.com
Shawn Thomas | http://www.sgtproductions.com
Tim Waurick | http://www.timtracks.com