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Hit the Road, Jack

This emphatic tune is arranged for four-part women’s voices with male solo. The fellow needs to be either a bass or a low baritone—low in more than one sense of…

Amazing Grace

This may be the best song ever written, period. Couldn’t all of us fallible mortals use a little grace?

You’re Just in Love

If you “hear music and there’s no one there,” get together with a quartet or chorus of the opposite sex and perform this lively, eight-part partner song. This one is…

With Two Wings

Marvelously energetic 8-parter about men and women working together, as sung by Friends.

Silhouettes (On the Shade)

Truly a rock’n’roll classic that will take your audiences back, this tune offers lighthearted fun. The BHS publishes the men’s version.

Santa Baby

Originally arranged for a female soloist with men’s quartet or chorus, the piece is now available for five women’s voice parts. This seductive song is cool, hot and fun.

Merry Christmas, Darling

The Carpenters’ moving hit is available in various versions: women’s, men’s, mixed and as a solo plus four parts for a chorus specialty number. They don’t get any sweeter than…

Let There Be Peace On Earth

A show closer with a great message, this song offers the best wish possible. The men’s version of this arrangement is published by the BHS, and it works great for…

Longest Time, The

Billy Joel’s hit is doo-wop barbershop at its most enjoyable. The BHS publishes the men’s version, and the song works great for the ladies as well.

In the Still of the Nite

The Boyz II Men redo of the classic doo-wop hit is popular with singers and listeners of all generations. The Society publishes the men’s version.