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Hang On Sloopy

Originally called “My Girl Sloopy,” this tune reached No.26 on the charts for the Vibrations in 1964. The McCoys had a No.1 hit with it the next year. By one…


Your quartet or chorus might want to, uh, help itself to this classic from the Beatles. The arrangement is partly lead solo and partly all-skate. So give it a shout,…

No One Knows

This song of loneliness was beautifully written back in 1908. The composer really knew what he was doing, writing the melody such that a major ninth chord, a most melancholy…

My Guy

When this song went all the way to #1 back in 1964, it was no miracle. Written and produced by Smokey Robinson—get it?—this happy tune of loyal love made in…

Leader of the German Band

From way back in 1905, this tune is lots of old-fashioned fun. So come join Schmidt, Schmaltz, Heiny, Jake and Heinz in some crowd-pleasing antics. This song is published by…

I’m Henry VIII, I Am

A goofy golden oldie, this English music hall song is quite repetitive, so you might want to make part of it a sing-along with your audience.

Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)

Don McLean composed and performed this lovely, haunting song. The poetry of McLean’s lyrics matches Van Gogh’s later, colorful paintings very well. This moving tune is sure to captivate your audiences.

White Christmas

This classic is a good candidate for the best popular song of all time. “And may all your Christmases be white!”