Old Shep

This wonderfully maudlin tale of a boy and his dog was written by Red Foley and Arthur Willis. The story was based on a German Shepherd, Hoover, a dog Foley owned as a child. Hoover died due to an unfortunate incident with a neighbor. Elvis Presley really made the lyric…

Folsom Prison Blues

Do you have an outlaw sort of bass who is looking for a solo? This is a good one, with one caveat: The song is arranged to be accompanied by guitar and bass fiddle. It could be redone someday but not just yet, for the piece is exclusive to Boardwalk…

Rocky Top

This tune is high-energy, recognizable and just plain fun. On top of that, the arrangement is fine for contest. So what are you waiting for? Have a sip of moonshine and give it a try!

Hey, Good Lookin’

This country classic is as lively and cheery as they come. I promise you this will be extra fun for you to sing, and for your audiences to hear.

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You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun

The great Irving Berlin makes some of his best word plays in this delightful song. From the musical Annie Get Your Gun, this contestable tune is for women only.

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Western Medley

Here are seven songs that could be the centerpiece to a Western-themed show: Back in the Saddle Again, Home on the Range, Deep in the Heart of Texas, The Yellow Rose of Texas, Clementine, Red River Valley and Oh Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie. This medley is also available in a shorter…

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Moonshine Lullaby

An most unusual type of lullaby, this catchy tune from Annie Get Your Gun has a lazy, fun feeling to it. This tune is especially suitable for women to sing.

Grandma’s Feather Bed

This lively, happy, nostalgic John Denver song is great fun for either sex to sing. Now available in contest and show versions. James Estes has recorded learning tracks for the contest chart.

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Anything You Can Do

An eight-part song from Annie Get Your Gun that is a sure hit for a combined number with a chorus or quartet of the opposite sex. Can you guess who wins in the end? Also available in eight-part male and female versions.

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