Not everyone is a great dancer. And truth to tell, some people are just no good at all. But even if you fall into the latter category, things can still turn out well for you. Have at look at and a listen to this clever song from the 1920s.

Soldier Medley

The songs included in this medley are Irving Berlin’s “Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning” and “This Is the Army, Mister Jones” and the George M. Cohan tune “Over There.” This lively compilation should stir up the martial energy just fine!

Pinocchio Medley

Five well-known barbershop songs are given new lyrics, and new life, in this fun romp. Wonder what could be paired with it in a high-concept contest set. “I Don’t Have a Wooden Heart,” “I’m Your Puppet,” “I’ve Got No Strings”—we could think of something!

Piano Medley

The three songs in this cheerful medley are “Mr. Piano Man,” Irving Berlin’s “I Love a Piano” and Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” Each song brings a different, interesting slant to the tale. So get yourself ready to enjoy some vocal ivory-tickling!

New Old Songs Medley

This one is rather tough to describe. For one thing, it does not exist yet—at least not in a completed form. The gag is pairing the lyrics from songs by the Beatles, Rolling Stones and so on with the melodies of much older songs. Some examples of the latter are…

Leader of the German Band

From way back in 1905, this tune is lots of old-fashioned fun. So come join Schmidt, Schmaltz, Heiny, Jake and Heinz in some crowd-pleasing antics. This song is published by the BHS.

I Don’t Care

The young woman in question is clearly going to live life her way, no matter what. And her way includes making it big on Broadway. Popularized by Harmony Inc. queen quartet Taken 4 Granite, this tune is lively, saucy and just plain fun!

Blue Skies

Written by Irving Berlin, this cheery tune was a last-minute addition to the Rodgers and Hart musical Betsy. The song was an immediate hit, with the audience on opening night demanding an astounding 24 encores from star Belle Baker! Would you settle for just one encore from your listeners?

Anything Goes

No one else ever wrote lyrics quite like the great Cole Porter. Unfortunately, I messed up most of them in writing this parody for the comedy quartet Boardwalk. This piece sends up all sorts of recent trends in our barbershop world, so proceed with caution. . . .

Anti-Marriage Medley

This medley has a, shall we say, certain point of view. A combination of 1912 songs “I Was Married Up in the Air” and “When You’re Married,” this piece takes a dim view of the institution of marriage and could serve as a light-hearted warning for men who are considering…

Are You Havin’ Any Fun

Well, are you? This lively, cheery song is a reminder to us all to enjoy life. After all: “You ain’t gonna live forever. Before you’re old and gray, still O.K., have a little fun!”

Alarm Clock Blues

Do you hate to get up in the morning? Are you sometimes tempted to smash your alarm clock into a thousand tiny little bits? If so, this is the song for you—even in contest.

It’s Late

Remember the teenage angst of being out past your curfew—waaay past your curfew? Ricky Nelson sang about it back in 1958, but every word still applies today. And instead of feeling dread, your group, and your audiences, can have great fun with this tune. By the way, this song was…

To Morrow

Well, this is sure a unique song. Written way, way back in 1898, this novelty tune was covered by the Kingston Trio in the late 1950s. The fellow tells the agent wants to take a train to Morrow, well, today. Confusion ensues, which will lead to merriment for you and…

Steam Heat

From the 1954 Broadway musical The Pajama Game, this tune is hot. No, it’s hotter than hot! The Cleveland Heights High School Women Barbershoppers debuted this sultry song with great success at the Midwinter Convention, but is just fine for the grownups as well. The piece is probably not suitable for SAI…

What Do You Do with Your Arms?

A witty conundrum for us singers, this tune was arranged for the Cleveland Heights High School Men’s Barbershoppers. The funny, clever piece, with lots of built-in movement ideas, would be great for adult men too (and could be put into women’s voicing).

Rocky Top

This tune is high-energy, recognizable and just plain fun. On top of that, the arrangement is fine for contest. So what are you waiting for? Have a sip of moonshine and give it a try!

Doo Wacka Doo

Ah, how much fun is it to sing a recently written tune about the songs and excitement of the Roaring ’20s? Big fun, that’s how much! This song will be exclusive to The Velvet Frogs until the fall of 2017, but you can start thinking right now about singing this delightful number.

Let’s Go to the Movies

Tickets: check! Popcorn: check! Candy: check! Drinks: check! Come on in and grab the best seat in the house. The lights have been dimmed, the commercials and trailers are done, and now it is time for the main feature. Roll ’em! And you will be able to roll ’em too—as…

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Mein Bruder macht im Tonfilm die Geräusche

Partly in English and partly in German, this song is, well . . . what it is, is . . . different—and great fun! The English title is “My Brother Makes the Sound Effects for Movies.” The sounds included are a mix of vocal, electronic and mechanical effects. And the…

My Brother Makes the Sound Effects for Movies

Partly in English and partly in German, this song is, well . . . what it is, is . . . different—and great fun! The sounds included are a mix of vocal, electronic and mechanical effects. And it is contestable too. It could be redone for your group to be…

Seventy Six Percent

Does your quartet want to make the cut for International? If so, pleading with the judges might just help you pull it off. This piece is exclusive to Boardwalk right now, but maybe someday. . . .

Hey, Good Lookin’

This country classic is as lively and cheery as they come. I promise you this will be extra fun for you to sing, and for your audiences to hear.

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My Wife Is on a Diet

This witty song is popular with high school boys for some reason. Go figure. Of course, grownups like this Cincinnati Kids’ song even more.

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Knighthood Rhythm Medley

And its partner piece is composed of these tunes: I Got Rhythm, Soft Shoe Song, Tonight, By the Light of the Silvery Moon and The Hokey Pokey. All these, and you get to wear swell costumes as well!

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Knighthood Quest Medley

This nutty compilation contains So Long, Mother; Back in the Old Routine; Side by Side; I Love a Parade; Chattanooga Choo Choo; Bright Was the Night; and (I’m Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over. Crazy enough for you? Check out the medley below.

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Don’t Put a Tax on the Beautiful Girls

“Have a little pity, leave my pleasure alone!” So sings the put-upon taxpayer. By the way, this is not the version sung by the 139th St. Quartet.

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Ukulele Lady

Here is some gentle, sweet, lighthearted fun for you and your audiences. Mm, can’t you just feel the warm breeze and taste the drink with the little umbrella in it.. . . . The highly entertaining quartet Boardwalk can.

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World War I Smile Medley

As sung by SAI’s San Diego Chorus, this a real production number. Songs included are “Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag,” “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,” “Till We Meet Again” and “When You’re Smiling.” They also serve who sit and smile. . . .

You’ve Got to See Mamma Every Night

This is a highly cute song that lays down the law about fidelity. For sure it is for women only, and the ladies know how to sing it!

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You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun

The great Irving Berlin makes some of his best word plays in this delightful song. From the musical Annie Get Your Gun, this contestable tune is for women only.

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Who’s Sorry Now?

This tune is available in both the typical uptune version and a new cool/hot treatment. The latter is quite unique, so do yourself a favor and give it a try.

When I Just Wear My Smile

Ready to thumb your nose at fashion snobbery? With its ever-so-mildly risqué lyrics, this Mama Cass tune is bound to be hit, whether on the contest stage or in a show.

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