Pinocchio Medley

Five well-known barbershop songs are given new lyrics, and new life, in this fun romp. Wonder what could be paired with it in a high-concept contest set. “I Don’t Have a Wooden Heart,” “I’m Your Puppet,” “I’ve Got No Strings”—we could think of something!

Twenties Set

This one is pretty flexible, of course, for so many of our barbershop claassics were written in this roaring decade. So you could either sing these two uptunes or pick one of them and just add a ballad: How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm Twenties Dance Medley

Seniors Set

Who among us isn’t older than he or she used to be? But, hey, let’s have some fun with the passage of time: Button Up Your Overcoat If I Had My Life to Live Over for shows try Senior Moments [You can’t sing “brain farts” in contest.]

Teen Angst Set

Things go haywire at puberty and don’t seem to settle down for another, oh, it seems like 40 or 50 years: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Crying in the Rain Young and Foolish Your Tattoo a little cheerier would be Calendar Girl

Roses Set

Ah, the flower of love! Here you have an uptune medley and a choice of two ballads: Rose Medley Roses of Picard Roses Bring Dreams of You

Penny Set

Now, this is not really a dress-up package, but the two songs sure do go well together: Dreamer with a Penny Pennies from Heaven

Grease Set

Ah, young love: Grease Medley Young and Foolish [or any other song of young love]

Mary Poppins Set

This package would fit a chorus with a female director especially well. Every performance will be a jolly ‘oliday with these two pieces: Mary Poppins Medley Feed the Birds

Pirate Set

Time to swash, buckle, pillage, plunder and so on—not to mention dressing up in highly fun fashion: Professional Pirate, A [I can steer you toward some other folks’ arrangements for song two.]

Popeye Set

Better suited to a chorus than a quartet, this saga explores the spinach-eating Sailor Man and his gang: Popeye Medley [Hmm. . . . Perhaps you could sing a love song to Olive Oyl.]

Aging Superheroes Set

Heroes Superman, Batman, Spider Man and Mighty Mouse bemoan the effects of aging on their waning superpowers. Time to dress up! The songs: Aging Superheroes Medley When I Lost You Parody

Prohibition Set

Break out your zoot suits or Roaring ’20s grubbies and get ready to explore the mysteries of, and creative solutions for, that dreadful time known as Prohibition: How Are You Goin’ to Wet Your Whistle (When the Whole Darn World Goes Dry) Where Do They Go When They Row-Row-Row (Three…

Sea Set

More for a chorus than a quartet, this medley deals with sailors who have had their shore leave canceled. It is pretty funny and clever if I do say so myself: Sea Medley [Lots of songs would work; for example, A Son of the Sea or How Deep Is the…

Oliver Set

Everyone’s favorite urchin is the theme of this package. Choose one of the first two pieces to sing with the touching, lovely ballad: Consider Yourself Oliver Medley Where Is Love

Golf Set

Whether you are a Tiger or a hacker, or even a couch potato, these two songs could be big fun for you and your audiences: Golf Medley I’ve Been Workin’ on My Golf Game

Knighthood Set

Is your group ready to slay dragons, rescue fair maidens and generally carry on in fun fashion? If so, choose two of these three pieces for your next contest: Knight School Medley Knighthood Quest Medley Knighthood Rhythm Medley

World War I Smile Medley

As sung by SAI’s San Diego Chorus, this a real production number. Songs included are “Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag,” “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,” “Till We Meet Again” and “When You’re Smiling.” They also serve who sit and smile. . . .