Once Upon a Long Time Ago

Written and performed by Jesse Goldberg, this nostalgic tune is sure to touch your audiences’ hearts. Riding bikes, playing games with friends, being loved by Mom and Dad, and just plain feeling safe—this song has it all, in surprisingly warm, non-sappy fashion. Do check this gem out for your quartet…

My Guy

When this song went all the way to #1 back in 1964, it was no miracle. Written and produced by Smokey Robinson—get it?—this happy tune of loyal love made in big on both the pop and R&B charts for Motown star Mary Wells. This tune will make your audiences smile,…

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Lovesick Blues

Her sweetie has left her, and the woman is feeling a deep, dark shade of blue. Despite that, the melody and rhythm lilt along nicely, so give this lively tune from 1922 a try.

All Night Long

The wonderful Chilton Price wrote this spicy song. Though no more than R rated, the song makes its meaning clear. Ms. Price’s biggest hit was “You Belong to Me.” She composed the latter song alone, though a couple of the band members who introduced the piece wangled their way into…

I’m Nobody’s Baby

This tempo ballad just drips loneliness. Songs like this can sometimes effect a real healing when a listener who is in the same boat realizes that he or she is not alone.

Steam Heat

From the 1954 Broadway musical The Pajama Game, this tune is hot. No, it’s hotter than hot! The Cleveland Heights High School Women Barbershoppers debuted this sultry song with great success at the Midwinter Convention, but is just fine for the grownups as well. The piece is probably not suitable for SAI…

Doo Wacka Doo

Ah, how much fun is it to sing a recently written tune about the songs and excitement of the Roaring ’20s? Big fun, that’s how much! This song will be exclusive to The Velvet Frogs until the fall of 2017, but you can start thinking right now about singing this delightful number.

Dreamer with a Penny

Which would you rather be, a rich person with a worried mind or a dreamer with lots of wealth other than money? This song answers that question in happy, swingy fashion.

Ukulele Lady

Here is some gentle, sweet, lighthearted fun for you and your audiences. Mm, can’t you just feel the warm breeze and taste the drink with the little umbrella in it.. . . . The highly entertaining quartet Boardwalk can.

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You’ve Got to See Mamma Every Night

This is a highly cute song that lays down the law about fidelity. For sure it is for women only, and the ladies know how to sing it!

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Who’s Sorry Now?

This tune is available in both the typical uptune version and a new cool/hot treatment. The latter is quite unique, so do yourself a favor and give it a try.


Here is an easy-beat, contestable love song that is most gentle and enjoyable. This tune is now available in both men’s and women’s voicing.

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Wherever There’s Me, There’s You

You may not be familiar with this song, but it is way cheerful and appealing. Your group wants to sing it; you just don’t know it yet. Anne Bureau has made some killer tracks to help you learn this tune fast.

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When I’m Sixty-Four

This Beatles’ song is always a kick, for singers and audience members alike. The men’s version of this arrangement is published by the BHS. Of course, you can vary the lyrics to reference any age that ends in a four.

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Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Swing

A Cab Calloway tune that really swings, this witty song has something for everyone. It is no longer exclusive to Sweden’s Dalton Bros., so do give it a shot.

Swinging on a Star

Great fun for singers and audiences alike, this lively tune is available in both contest and show versions. It is easily one of my most popular charts. Power Play sang it with much success, and it works just fine for the ladies as well.

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What could be sweeter than singing this McGuire Sisters’ piece of confection? Your quartet or chorus will find out you definitely have not bitten off more than you can chew.

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Take Me There

Written by talented Canadian barbershopper Janet Kidd, this song is about a Southern city that is known for being, well, a certain amount of fun: New Orleans!

Standing/Leaning Medley

A charming mix of Standing on the Corner and Leaning on a Lamp-Post, this medley is about watching all the girls go by—or waiting for just that special one.

Royal Garden Blues

Contestable, substantial and lively, this tune was arranged for and sung by Power Play. See if your group too can make that “trombone moan” with this golden oldie.

Pretty Baby

This fun meter parody is quite contestable.  The lovable quartet Shenanigans had a hit with it, and so could your quartet or chorus.

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Orange Colored Sky

This tune is fun, lively and makes a great opener or closer. Short and to the point, It is available in both contest and show versions.

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Pennies from Heaven

Yes, it does work in contest. There are not many prettier ballads than this one around. Even more fun is that it can be sung as a swinging uptune too.

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Peg o’ My Heart

No one doesn’t enjoy this easy-beat tune. It makes a fine change of pace for your performances.

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Old Cape Cod

This pop standard paints a lovely picture. Delight your audiences, and the judges too, with this sweet, swingy song.

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Michigan Rag

This energetic uptune was arranged, and partially composed, for Michigan Jake. It was sung in a cartoon by the one and only Michigan J. Frog, for whom that gold-medal quartet is named. If your lead(s) can handle a disjunct melody—and words that are, in the words of great bass man…

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Moon Medley

This old-time medley contains Bright Was the Night, Moonlight Bay and By the Light of the Silvery Moon. How is that for some vintage classics?

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Lullaby in Ragtime, A

This is a contestable editing of the barbershop classic. They don’t come any sweeter than this, so give the song a whirl. 

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Makin’ Whoopee

As an old college pal used to say, “You’ve buttered your bread, now lie in it.” After the fun times come consequences that are, well, not necessarily all that enjoyable.

Let’s Do It Again

This uptune about the good old days helped the Grand Tradition win a medal back in the day. It can be sung in a driving way or as an easy-beat. Though it sounds pretty old, this happy piece was actually written in the 1950s.