I Wish You Love

Songs don’t get much prettier than this tempo ballad. The arrangement is patterned after Natalie Cole’s rendition, so it is bittersweet—more sweet than bitter—and heartfelt rather than being just energetic, as some barbershop renditions are. Do yourself a favor and check out this lush gem!

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There are not many prettier or more heartfelt songs than this Beatles’ love ballad. While most of the group’s tunes were written by the duo of Lennon and McCartney, this song was penned by lead guitarist George Harrison. This arrangement is probably good for contest but could possibly incur a…

Once Upon a Long Time Ago

Written and performed by Jesse Goldberg, this nostalgic tune is sure to touch your audiences’ hearts. Riding bikes, playing games with friends, being loved by Mom and Dad, and just plain feeling safe—this song has it all, in surprisingly warm, non-sappy fashion. Do check this gem out for your quartet…

You Walk with Me

This beautiful tempo ballad comes from the Broadway musical version of The Full Monty. At first hearing, I assumed it was a religious piece. While “You Walk with Me” certainly can be sung that way, in the musical it is sung by two people who love each other. Do yourself…

Song Is Ended, The

The great Irving Berlin composed this haunting tune back in 1927. Berlin paints a brilliant, poignant image for the end of a love affair. The men’s version of this arrangement is published by the BHS.

No One Knows

This song of loneliness was beautifully written back in 1908. The composer really knew what he was doing, writing the melody such that a major ninth chord, a most melancholy sound, was required on “knows.” See what you think of this tune for your quartet or chorus.

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Little Baby on My Shoulder

This lovely tune was written by barbershopper Peggy Hill. Though a mother pleads with her infant son not to grow older, he of course does and eventually marries. Then he begs his child, “Don’t grow older.” Give this heartfelt, well-written song a try.

I Will Never Pass This Way Again

Truer words were never spoken, eh? Even when times are tough—as they are right now, in July of 2020—we need to do what good we can every day. This song was arranged for Harmony Inc. queen quartet Aged to Perfection, but there is a men’s version as well.


Written by barbershopper Ken Carter for his late wife, this song is short, sweet, sad and most heartfelt.

I’m Nobody’s Baby

This tempo ballad just drips loneliness. Songs like this can sometimes effect a real healing when a listener who is in the same boat realizes that he or she is not alone.

Taylor, the Latte Boy

A scaled-down version of Steve Tramack’s marvelous arrangement for Harmony Inc. queens Taken 4 Granite, this piece is sweet fun — even with no sugar added! It is in young women’s key right now, having been edited for the Cleveland Heights High School  Women’s Barbeshoppers. Best to get the longer,…

Candlelight and Gold

Barbershopper Gary Markette wrote this song to honor his late wife, Sarah. Gary’s images are purely lovely and would certainly fit other longtime love affairs as well, so do give this song a look.


Did you ever fall in love with the wrong person? You know he or she is just not right for you—perhaps not for anyone—but there you are, hooked. Stuck in the magic spell. Well, maybe it will help you to sing about it. Sinatra did. . . .

In My Album of Memories

This heartfelt ballad was written by barbershop patriarch Hal Purdy. Hal started the famous Purdy Corral, an institution at International conventions for years.

Going Home

A timeless song that has been redone to be contestable, this piece is purely wonderful. Do check out this gentle, deep journey.

My Wild Irish Rose

No one doesn’t like this classic ballad. This particular arrangement is just that little bit different.

Yesterday’s Roses

This ballad of lost love contains some lovely, sad images. You can picture the petals slowly falling—and so can your audiences.

Young and Foolish

Great for contest, this ’50s ballad builds to a surprising level of power. The men’s version is published by the BHS, and the song is great for women as well.

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You Medley

Question: What could be better than a lovely ballad from The Music Man that is about, well . . . you? Answer: two such lovely ballads. Do check out this medley of “Till There Was You” and “It’s You.” Both you and your audiences will be glad you did.

Who’s Sorry Now?

This tune is available in both the typical uptune version and a new cool/hot treatment. The latter is quite unique, so do yourself a favor and give it a try.


Here is an easy-beat, contestable love song that is most gentle and enjoyable. This tune is now available in both men’s and women’s voicing.

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When There’s Love at Home

A beautiful, heartfelt song, this is a pure joy to sing and listen to. Power Play debuted it, and it has since become a barbershop staple.

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When You and I Were Young, Maggie

This pensive, timeless ballad has certainly stood the test of time. The reprise of the theme melody in the tag is a nice added touch.

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When I Lost You

Voted the best barbershop ballad of all time by Arrangement judges, this song will touch your listeners’ hearts.

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When I Lost You (Aging Superheroes Parody)

Are your superpowers—and maybe even some of your normal ones—fading away? If so, you will be able to relate to this clever parody. Not surprisingly, it goes well with the Aging Superheroes Medley.

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Thousand Thoughts of You, A

Nat “King” Cole sang this haunting song of lost love. Sad songs just do not get any prettier than this. Available in contest and show versions.

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Till We Meet Again

This WWI ballad never goes out of style. So it’s time for you to “Smile the while. . . .”

Time After Time

This is a revised version of an old-fashioned ballad. The tune is a real oldie, not the 1947 hit by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne you are probably picturing.

Tie Me to Your Apron Strings Again

Here is a classic, poignant ballad about mother. Though not the version sung by 1986 champ Rural Route 4, this one is also pretty darn powerful.

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That Song My Mother Sang

You pretty well know the whole song from the title. This sort of ballad has barbershop written all over it.

Tears (For Souvenirs)

A strong ballad asking your lover to make up, this song ends on a note of hope, which springs eternal.

Tell My Father

From the musical Civil War, this song of a dying young soldier is most powerful, indeed. It makes a fine contest companion to the Civil War Medley of rousing uptunes. Both Power Play and The Alliance sang it in international competition.

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Sunshine of Your Smile, The

First a barbershop hit for the 1956 champ Confederates, this ballad is a real powerhouse. This arrangement is available as sung by 2003 champ Power Plan and in a longer version better suited for choruses.

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