Made You Look

The lyrics to this fluffy yet sexy Meghan Trainor hit have been toned down a bit for younger singers; for example, “even with nothing on” is now “even with my blue jeans on.” Arranged for the delightful Cleveland Heights High School Women Barbershoppers, this tune would be great fun for…


The biggest hit from the musical Hair, this powerful song offers us hope still today. By the way, my college girlfriend and I saw the Broadway production back in 1969. When the cast invited any interested audience members to dance the finale with them on stage, up we went. So, yes,…


Not everyone is a great dancer. And truth to tell, some people are just no good at all. But even if you fall into the latter category, things can still turn out well for you. Have at look at and a listen to this clever song from the 1920s.

Streak, The

Okay, maybe streaking is not as popular as it once was, but gratuitous nudity will always sell well. It is recommended that you perform this piece fully clothed, though, letting your audience members use their imaginations—hopefully happy ones.

Silent Zombie Night

I am not sure whose idea this was, but putting “Silent Night” into minor mode was way interesting. Want to scramble (but not to eat!) your audiences’ brains? This tune will do it. . . .

Peel Me a Grape

This is a delightful song of sensual, well . . . entitlement. Uppity in the manner of “Santa Baby,” this tune hides its desires—not all that subtly—behind words of luxury and being spoiled. Show off your inner femme fatale with this seductive piece.

Old Shep

This wonderfully maudlin tale of a boy and his dog was written by Red Foley and Arthur Willis. The story was based on a German Shepherd, Hoover, a dog Foley owned as a child. Hoover died due to an unfortunate incident with a neighbor. Elvis Presley really made the lyric…

New Old Songs Medley

This one is rather tough to describe. For one thing, it does not exist yet—at least not in a completed form. The gag is pairing the lyrics from songs by the Beatles, Rolling Stones and so on with the melodies of much older songs. Some examples of the latter are…

Dollar Down, A (and a Dollar a Week)

How much debt can you get into if you make your purchases for a dollar down and a dollar a week? Well, if you buy enough items that way—and get the same terms when you run afoul of the law—the answer is: plenty! Both the Limelighters and Woodie Guthrie had…

Lil’ Red Riding Hood

The Dallas rock ‘n’ roll group Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs earned a gold record with this catchy tune, which rose to #2 on the charts back in 1966. Their breakout hit from the year before, Wooly Bully, had also charted at #2. Time to get delightfully funny with…

Leader of the German Band

From way back in 1905, this tune is lots of old-fashioned fun. So come join Schmidt, Schmaltz, Heiny, Jake and Heinz in some crowd-pleasing antics. This song is published by the BHS.

I Don’t Care

The young woman in question is clearly going to live life her way, no matter what. And her way includes making it big on Broadway. Popularized by Harmony Inc. queen quartet Taken 4 Granite, this tune is lively, saucy and just plain fun!

Fun, Fun, Fun

This Beach Boys’ classic is in women’s voicing right now—darned if I can remember why—but it could easily be redone for men. And for another unknown reason the melody is in the bari part rather than the lead. Of course, the two singers could just swap. Anyhow, this pop hit…

De Colores

This traditional Mexican children’s song is really sweet. A few years ago the Baton Rouge (La.) Chapter started a revolving quartet that dressed in scrubs and sang for the children who were patients at the local Shriners’ Hospital. When they realized that a large proportion of the kids were Hispanic,…

Anti-Marriage Medley

This medley has a, shall we say, certain point of view. A combination of 1912 songs “I Was Married Up in the Air” and “When You’re Married,” this piece takes a dim view of the institution of marriage and could serve as a light-hearted warning for men who are considering…

Are You Havin’ Any Fun

Well, are you? This lively, cheery song is a reminder to us all to enjoy life. After all: “You ain’t gonna live forever. Before you’re old and gray, still O.K., have a little fun!”

Alarm Clock Blues

Do you hate to get up in the morning? Are you sometimes tempted to smash your alarm clock into a thousand tiny little bits? If so, this is the song for you—even in contest.

To Morrow

Well, this is sure a unique song. Written way, way back in 1898, this novelty tune was covered by the Kingston Trio in the late 1950s. The fellow tells the agent wants to take a train to Morrow, well, today. Confusion ensues, which will lead to merriment for you and…

I’m Henry VIII, I Am

A goofy golden oldie, this English music hall song is quite repetitive, so you might want to make part of it a sing-along with your audience.

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Good Book Song, The

This offbeat tune comes from the film A Mighty Wind. (Hey, that would not be a bad quartet name!) You have never heard the stories of Noah and the Ark, and David and Goliath told like this. Requires a guitar and string bass. This arrangement is no longer exclusive to…

Taylor, the Latte Boy

A scaled-down version of Steve Tramack’s marvelous arrangement for Harmony Inc. queens Taken 4 Granite, this piece is sweet fun — even with no sugar added! It is in young women’s key right now, having been edited for the Cleveland Heights High School  Women’s Barbeshoppers. Best to get the longer,…

What Do You Do with Your Arms?

A witty conundrum for us singers, this tune was arranged for the Cleveland Heights High School Men’s Barbershoppers. The funny, clever piece, with lots of built-in movement ideas, would be great for adult men too (and could be put into women’s voicing).

Hit the Road, Jack

This emphatic tune is arranged for four-part women’s voices with male solo. The fellow needs to be either a bass or a low baritone—low in more than one sense of the word? The arrangement is also available in German. That title translates as “Come, Drink Up, Jack.” Fun, eh?

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Long Word Song, The

The word in question is indeed long. It is very long. It is very, very long. Would you believe “hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliaphobia’? And it is a real word too, unlike a certain one from the musical Mary Poppins. See if your group can wrap your brains, and tongues, around this delightful, energetic…

Mein Bruder macht im Tonfilm die Geräusche

Partly in English and partly in German, this song is, well . . . what it is, is . . . different—and great fun! The English title is “My Brother Makes the Sound Effects for Movies.” The sounds included are a mix of vocal, electronic and mechanical effects. And the…

My Brother Makes the Sound Effects for Movies

Partly in English and partly in German, this song is, well . . . what it is, is . . . different—and great fun! The sounds included are a mix of vocal, electronic and mechanical effects. And it is contestable too. It could be redone for your group to be…

Sudbury Saturday Night

Come join the folks of this nickel-mining town for a rollicking time. Canadian legend Stompin’ Tom Connors paints a most vivid, delightful picture of what the weekend is like up north in Ontario. You are right there, and your audiences will be too.

Hello, Detective Joe

Can Joe Mahoney catch the criminal mastermind who pulled off the big heist? Joe’s disguise when he goes undercover does not fool anyone, but our man just may be able to close the book on this one nonetheless. Set to a light classical tune, this piece is heavy fun.

If You’ve Only Got a Moustache

The great Stephen Foster wrote many beautiful, poignant songs, as well as some lighthearted ones. Guess which kind this is. This song, as well as its composer, was featured at the 2015 Pittsburgh International convention.

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My Wife Is on a Diet

This witty song is popular with high school boys for some reason. Go figure. Of course, grownups like this Cincinnati Kids’ song even more.

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Knighthood Rhythm Medley

And its partner piece is composed of these tunes: I Got Rhythm, Soft Shoe Song, Tonight, By the Light of the Silvery Moon and The Hokey Pokey. All these, and you get to wear swell costumes as well!

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Knighthood Quest Medley

This nutty compilation contains So Long, Mother; Back in the Old Routine; Side by Side; I Love a Parade; Chattanooga Choo Choo; Bright Was the Night; and (I’m Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over. Crazy enough for you? Check out the medley below.

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Don’t Put a Tax on the Beautiful Girls

“Have a little pity, leave my pleasure alone!” So sings the put-upon taxpayer. By the way, this is not the version sung by the 139th St. Quartet.

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Ukulele Lady

Here is some gentle, sweet, lighthearted fun for you and your audiences. Mm, can’t you just feel the warm breeze and taste the drink with the little umbrella in it.. . . . The highly entertaining quartet Boardwalk can.

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Rock and Roll Medley

Four rock ‘n’ roll classics make this medley a winner: Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay, Hound Dog, Tears on My Pillow and Blue Moon. So, hey, let your eternal teenager out for a little while.

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Seeds and Stems Again

This tongue-in-cheek lament is best saved for after-afterglows. But, hey, legalization is slowly but surely happening. . . .

You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun

The great Irving Berlin makes some of his best word plays in this delightful song. From the musical Annie Get Your Gun, this contestable tune is for women only.

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You’ve Got to See Mamma Every Night

This is a highly cute song that lays down the law about fidelity. For sure it is for women only, and the ladies know how to sing it!

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You Must Come In at the Bottom

The Good Lord called on this man to become a bass singer. Though the fellow lacked faith, God’s will—and sense of humor—prevailed. Feature your stud bass with this clever tune.

Your Horoscope for Today

No matter what your sign, dude, wicked things are in store for you for the foreseeable future. This Weird Al tune is quite funny, not to mention way intense.