The biggest hit from the musical Hair, this powerful song offers us hope still today. By the way, my college girlfriend and I saw the Broadway production back in 1969. When the cast invited any interested audience members to dance the finale with them on stage, up we went. So, yes,…

You Walk with Me

This beautiful tempo ballad comes from the Broadway musical version of The Full Monty. At first hearing, I assumed it was a religious piece. While “You Walk with Me” certainly can be sung that way, in the musical it is sung by two people who love each other. Do yourself…

I Don’t Care

The young woman in question is clearly going to live life her way, no matter what. And her way includes making it big on Broadway. Popularized by Harmony Inc. queen quartet Taken 4 Granite, this tune is lively, saucy and just plain fun!

Anything Goes

No one else ever wrote lyrics quite like the great Cole Porter. Unfortunately, I messed up most of them in writing this parody for the comedy quartet Boardwalk. This piece sends up all sorts of recent trends in our barbershop world, so proceed with caution. . . .

Steam Heat

From the 1954 Broadway musical The Pajama Game, this tune is hot. No, it’s hotter than hot! The Cleveland Heights High School Women Barbershoppers debuted this sultry song with great success at the Midwinter Convention, but is just fine for the grownups as well. The piece is probably not suitable for SAI…


Did you ever fall in love with the wrong person? You know he or she is just not right for you—perhaps not for anyone—but there you are, hooked. Stuck in the magic spell. Well, maybe it will help you to sing about it. Sinatra did. . . .

White Christmas

This classic is a good candidate for the best popular song of all time. “And may all your Christmases be white!”

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Do You Hear the People Sing?

This rousing song is from the musical “Les Miserables.” Your audiences’ hearts and guts will be surely be moved by your powerful performance. Although the song itself would fly in contest, this arrangement is intended for shows only.

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You Medley

Question: What could be better than a lovely ballad from The Music Man that is about, well . . . you? Answer: two such lovely ballads. Do check out this medley of “Till There Was You” and “It’s You.” Both you and your audiences will be glad you did.

We’re on Our Way

Barbershopper Fred Tremper wrote this piece about Broadway stardom. Hey, perhaps this tune can send you on your way as well.

That’s Entertainment

A fine show opener in the Broadway tradition, this song offers plenty of clever, energetic fun.


Brothers and Sisters, are you leading a life of sin and corruption? If so, this energetic, tongue-in-cheek song will set you on the righteous path. Okay, so it did not quite do the trick for the comedy quartet Up All Night, but it almost always works. Let me hear an…

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Razzapple Medley

This high-energy mix of Razzle Dazzle and  Applause is no longer exclusive to the Phoenicians. Start off your performances with a Broadway flair!

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Razzle Dazzle

From the hit musical and movie Chicago, this fast-paced song is quite lively and clever. So it’s time for you to “hypnotizzy” your audiences. . . . 

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Only a Voice on the Air

This would be a great ballad in a show-biz/Broadway set. The story is that success in show biz does not necessarily equal a happy life.

Oliver Medley

What do you call a medley of Consider Yourself; Food, Glorious Food; and Who Will Buy? Big fun, that’s what! This high-energy contest piece is no longer exclusive to the Brothers in Harmony.

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Mary Poppins Medley

It is always a jolly ‘oliday when you sing this delightful piece. It contains Jolly Holiday, Chim Chim Cher-ee, Step in Time and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. This medley pairs very well with the lovely ballad Feed the Birds.

It’s Today

From the musical Mame, this happy, driving song urges you to celebrate the day. It makes a really energetic opener and is great for both men and women.

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Honey Bun/Honey Pie

The old meets the new in this fun, lively medley. That’s right, we are talking South Pacific and the Beatles—for contest, no less!

Feed the Birds

One of the loveliest pieces you will ever hear, this song has a message that reaches well beyond the avian kingdom. It pairs very well with the “Mary Poppins Medley.”

Consider Yourself

From the musical “Oliver,” this happy, lively tune can be sung in contest. International champ Power Play welcomed you to their family with this one.

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Broadway Rose

Here is an old-fashioned fallen-woman ballad. This one is sweet and understanding.

Broadway on Opening Night

This uptune moves right along and is great for a Broadway show theme. Come to think of it, you could open any of your performancew with this lively number.

America (West Side Story)

This Broadway hit is most lively, with great choreography possibilities. Isn’t this just where you would like to be?

Anything You Can Do

An eight-part song from Annie Get Your Gun that is a sure hit for a combined number with a chorus or quartet of the opposite sex. Can you guess who wins in the end? Also available in eight-part male and female versions.

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