Youth in Harmony

I Only Have Eyes for You

This popular classic is now available in two versions. One has the shimmering feel of the rock ‘n’ roll hit, while the other is a contestable tempo ballad as sung by Metropolis. The latter can be sung either straight or, as the quartet did it, humorously.  Continue reading I Only Have Eyes for You

It’s Late

Remember the teenage angst of being out past your curfew—waaay past your curfew? Ricky Nelson sang about it back in 1958, but every word still applies today. And instead of feeling dread, your group, and your audiences, can have great fun with this tune. By the way, this song was arranged for the award-winning Cleveland Heights High School Men’s Barbershoppers.

Steam Heat

From the 1954 Broadway musical The Pajama Game, this tune is hot. No, it’s hotter than hot! The Cleveland Heights High School Women Barbershoppers will be debuting this sultry song at the Midwinter Convention, so do keep an eye out for them. The piece is probably not suitable for SAI contests, but it is great for shows. And don’t forget to wear your black derbies. . . .

Swinging on a Star

Great fun for singers and audiences alike, this lively tune is available in both contest and show versions. It is easily one of my most popular charts. Power Play sang it with much success, and it works just fine for the ladies as well.  Continue reading Swinging on a Star